Saturday, February 2, 2013


On Thursday the 31st, we went for a walk after breakfast.  I did take a picture of our location in Yuma.  IMG_20130131_102210_728 We found where Pete and Jo Peters were parked, and then went for a walk with them to find where Art and Caroline Fennel were parked.  We managed to get lost, but finally found our way back to Pete & Jo’s motorhome.  They gave us a ride in their Jeep.  We found Art & Caroline’s place but they were away, so Pete & Jo gave us a ride back to our place.  After lunch, Marilyn did some cleaning and washed clothing.   I grilled a steak for dinner, and we relaxed for the evening.

Friday, the 1st of February, we headed out to get our mail.  None had been received by the post office, so I checked, but found that none had been sent by our mail service.  Then we headed to Los Algodones to shop and get two more bottles of Kalahua.  Marilyn found two little bracelets for Xmas presents.  We continued on to tour the Arizona Territorial Prison established in Yuma in 1875 – not a nice place to have been incarcerated.  DSC02214IMG_20130201_133349_249  Not only was the main guard tower DSC02213 an escape deterrent, but this prison also had a need to cross a mile of Colorado River, and the desert.  Here is a picture of a typical cell where 6 inmates had to live.  DSC02215DSC02217DSC02218 Marilyn thought I might look good inside one of the cells.  DSC02216  After we returned to the motorhome, we got ready to go out to dinner at Das Bratwurst Haus IMG_20130201_190517_987. in Yuma for some good German food.  Of course we did not go alone.  Don and Sharon Del Rosario drove us to the restaurant, and Bob and Molly Pinner drove Pete and Jo Peters IMG_20130201_181931_026.  We all had good food, and great company. 

Today, the 2nd of February, we slept in until 8am, had breakfast, and then started to get ready to go for lunch.  When we arrived, I posted on Facebook that we were here in Yuma, so Jo Peters said we should get together for lunch.  Well that started a crowd for the Foothills Eatery.  We had a wonderful crowd attending (some of the names I do not know),  We had Marilyn and I (the last to arrive), Molly & Bob Pinner, Sharon & Don Del Rosario, Pete & Jo Peters, Benjamin and Loretta, George and his wife, and Jim and his wife. IMG_20130202_114804_726IMG_20130202_114833_353IMG_20130202_114947_221  After lunch, I paid bills and Marilyn read a book.  So now that I have finished the blog, I can read a book.

Type at you later.

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