Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013-02-10, 11, and 12


Sunday, after lunch on the 10th, Susie and Denny drove us back in to Wickenburg for the Gold Rush Days Rodeo.  It was a lot of fun.  DSC06066DSC06067  Following is the rodeo Zamboni.  DSC06068DSC06069  We had the parade of contestants first.  DSC06073DSC06077  Of course we had clowns.  DSC06083DSC06096DSC06113  There were bucking horses, barrel racing, bull riding, steer wrestling, and calf roping.  DSC06093DSC06100DSC06102DSC06105DSC06110DSC06116  After a delicious dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, we went to the Melodrama at the local theater.  DSC06118  First were the musical acts.  DSC06120DSC06121DSC06122DSC06123DSC06124  Then the bad guy tries to take the house away from the fair maiden and her family, but the good guy has a prior claim and marries her.  DSC06131DSC06133DSC06134DSC06135DSC06136DSC06137

This morning, the 11th, we had some rain.  Steve Dudley came over to see if I had an answer for his computer problem.  He was unable to send emails from his Microsoft Outlook program.  His primary email address is with hotmail.  When I went to look at his computer, we found that there was no email address set up on Outlook.  We first tried to us his hotmail address, but Outlook would not set it up automatically.  We next tried his Gmail account, and voila, it worked.  He can now use outlook to send an email, although he will continue to use his online hotmail account for 99 percent of his email work.  This afternoon it has turned sunny for a little while.  Steve came over and we called Amazon, and they helped me out getting Susie and Denny’s address set up for a couple of orders.  Susie Orr had us over for a big pot of soup for dinner.  Marilyn brought a salad, and Lila Dudley brought brownies.

Today, the 12th, Denny and Susie drove us in to Wickenburg to get a prescription filled at CVS.  We then shopped at Safeway, and had lunch at McDonald’s.  During the afternoon, Denny and I hooked his trailer up to the motorhome so he could tow his Razr to WinterBlast on Thursday.  JerrieLea and Ron Hopf invited all of us to her house for 4pm social where we all had a good time swapping lies.  Now we are watching the Westminster Dog show.

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