Saturday, February 9, 2013


We woke up this morning to snow on the cars and roofs.  DSC02223  After breakfast, Denny & Susie drove the four of us in to Wickenburg, AZ to attend Goldrush Days.  The festivities started with a gunfight.  Evil Jack had robbed the bank, and various folks from the TV shows of our youth tried to bring him to justice.  First up was Zorro, but his sword was no match for the Evil Jack’s six shooter.  DSC02224  Next up was the Chinese show Kane.  But even though he caught the first bullet, Evil Jack killed him with a shotgun.  The Lone Ranger tried to get Tonto to get the bag of money, but he said he had been shot too many times, and the Lone Ranger should do his own work.  Then Evil Jack shot the Lone Ranger.  The Blonde spurned Evil Jack’s advances and left with Tonto, but in the end she had to shoot Evil Jack.  DSC02231  The parade started a half hour later and included dignitaries, old cars, horses, Watusi cattle with their huge horns, clowns, bands, etc.  DSC02235DSC02238DSC02242DSC02245DSC02246DSC02248IMG_20130209_092449_487

We had a BBQ lunch at the Center, and then toured the craft fair.  By then we were all too cold to go to the rodeo, so we  went back home about 2pm.

Type at you later.

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