Monday, February 4, 2013

2013-02-03, 04

This morning, the 3rd, after breakfast, Marilyn and I went for a walk for an hour.  After lunch, Marilyn defrosted the freezer, and I went for salt-free water ($0,50) for 5 gallons.  Don and Sharon Del Rosario invited us along with Bob and Molly Pinner for dinner so we could watch the Super Bowl together.  We had cocktails and snacks at 4pm, while Don was grilling his famous Tri-Tip Roast, which we thoroughly enjoyed along with the delicious sides brought by our beautiful ladies to make a most wonderful dinner.  

Monday morning, the 4th, our time in Yuma, AZ came to a close.  We were on the road about 10:45AM headed towards Phoenix, AZ.  We are parked in the Orangewood RV Sales and Service Center for the night.  Tomorrow morning, they will determine what is wrong with one of our leveling jacks, order parts, and fix it.  We also hope to get Progressive Insurance to figure our where and when to get our Jeep booboo fixed.

Here is a picture of us parked at Orangewood RV Center.  IMG_20130204_173445_619

About half way through our cocktails, Dennis Hill called and said he was nearby, so we invited him to dinner.  They arrived about 6:30, we had quesidillos and salad plus good company.

Type at you later.

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