Friday, February 8, 2013


First thing this morning I made a couple of phone calls.  My blood pressure has been getting into the 150s over upper 70s so I called our doctor back in Eustis, FL, and was told, since I did not have access to a fax, to snail mail my list.  We will see if he wants me on blood pressure medicine in a week or two.  Yesterday, Progressive had said that our Jeep would not be repaired until the 19th of February, and at $20 per day it would be costly to keep the rental until the 19th.  So, next, I called Enterprise to see if we could return our rental car in Prescott, AZ, and they said we could.  So Denny & Susie drove their Jeep to Prescott, and we returned the rental.  After turning in the rental, we shopped WalMart.  For lunch, we had In-and-Out Burgers – good.  After lunch, we went to Costco to wander and shop.  The ride to and from Prescott from Congress is a beautiful ride.  We picked up our mail in Congress and returned to North Ranch. 

After settling in, reviewing email and Facebook, Susie called and said several people were going to the American Legion for fish or chicken dinners at 10 minutes to 5pm.  So we all headed back up the mountain to the American Legion in Yarnel, AZ.  The fried chicken was good, and Marilyn said that the fish fry was also good.

Thank you Denny and Susie for driving us around.

Type at you later.

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