Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We were just starting to eat breakfast when Susie Orr came to the door and said she had Razr rides for us to the hike to see the Crested Saguaro’s,  We said we could be out in 5 minutes.  So we hurried to put on shoes and finish eating our bagel/toast.  I had to leave my second cup of coffee, but that meant that I would not have to find a hidden tree as quickly.  This is the view out our windshield.  DSC06011  And here we are gathered at the gate to leave North Ranch.  DSC06012   I took a picture of Dennis to show off the bandage on his ear.  DSC06014   Marilyn took a picture on the trail.  DSC02222  And here is Dennis inspecting Steve’s Razr.  DSC06015  We saw lots of Cacti.  The hardest part is choosing which ones to include.  I did have a near miss with a prickly pear (I came close, I did get thorns in my leg, but I did not fall down).  DSC06016    Here are some of the Saguaro Cacti.  DSC06021DSC06031DSC06032DSC06054DSC06057  And now, here are some pictures of the Crested Saguaro Cacti that we went to see.  DSC06044DSC06050DSC06053DSC06063  One even kind of looked like an elephant.

We had a wonderful 4:00 social on Susie & Denny’s back porch, with Steve & Lila Dudley, Roger & Liz Grant, and others who’s names I seem to have forgotten.

Type at you later.

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