Wednesday, February 13, 2013


We began the day early for us.  We had to be at the activity center at 8:45am to start our trip to Camp Date Creek.  Denny & Susie had left about 8am for the ATV trip to the same place.  Marilyn and I drove Denny & Susie’s Jeep Liberty, and we enjoyed the ride out.

Camp Date Creek was established in 1867 and was closed in 1873.  Its purpose was to protect the wagon trains traversing the area, and to move the local Yavapai Indians to a reservation elsewhere.  Date Creek was one of the few sources of water on the roads from Prescott to Wickenburg, and to La Paz.  One of the first things we had to do was to crawl under some barbed wire fencing.  DSC06138DSC06140  Bill was our tour guide to the area, and we had about 50 for the tour once the ATVs arrived.  DSC06141DSC06142  The old Army camp is reduced to ruins today.  This was the Commissary. DSC06144DSC06145  We also had to climb over another fence.  DSC06148DSC06149  Some of the rocks had interestingly colored things growing on them.  DSC06150DSC06151  We changed vehicles on the way back.  Susie Orr drove her Jeep and Lila Dudley rode with her.  Marilyn rode with Denny Orr in his Razr, and I drove most of the way with Steve Dudley in his Razr.  It was fun.  DSC02251DSC02252DSC02253DSC02254DSC02255DSC02256DSC02257DSC02258

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  1. Oh yes, I had an encounter with a barbed wire fence just out of Quartzsite. I have a puncture on my abdomen, on the back of a leg and a hole in a shirt from my experience....