Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I looked back, and I have not written since the 16th.  We have been very busy for some reason, and I do not know why, but I just did not get around to writing.  We left Lake Havasu City and WinterBlast (the fireworks display) on Monday and returned to squatting on Denny and Susie’s lot at North Ranch in Congress, AZ.  Well, it wasn’t as easy as that sounds.  It seemed like everyone had left, and we were unable to get our front passenger side jack to go up.  After messing around with it for a while, a neighbor (in a fifth-wheel) offered a 12 ton jack.  With it, we were able to relieve the pressure on the jack so it cycled up and away we went.  When we arrived at North Ranch, the same jack would not go down far enough to level the house.  So Tuesday I called Tiffin Motorhomes to find out a part number to see if we wanted to order a jack.  The Tech said we have the best price in town – $443, and we could have it in 3 business days.  I knew that was a good price because Orangewood RV of Phoenix had said that the jack would cost $700 and it might take 4 weeks to get the new one in, so I ordered the one from Tiffin.  I knew that there were enough former mechanics in North Ranch that we could borrow tools from to take the old one off and put the new one on.  How could 4 bolts and a couple of wires be too hard.  With our extended warranty, we only would have had to pay a $200 deductible, but the $500 (with shipping) seemed to be the best move since we could have it done so much sooner.  We did have to wait over the weekend, and it took 4 business days, but we received in yesterday in time to ask for help last night at the Progressive Dinner (more about that later).  I borrowed a jack and some tools from George yesterday afternoon.  This morning my help and supervisors arrived after Denny, Marilyn and I had backed the rig up onto some boards.  Marilyn took a couple of pictures of the workers and the supervisors.  She also took a couple of pictures with her phone that she put on Facebook.  DSC02277DSC02278DSC02279  The new jack was put on before noon, and I really have to thank my helpers.  Walt Gunn was able to fit in places that I could not, and he did most of the removal and re-installation.  Ed Kruty supplied more tools plus his supervision.  And Dennis Hill gophered for tools as well as supervising.  Thank you, all of you.

In between the 16th and today, we have have had wonderful happy hours and dinners with our SKP friends here at North Ranch.  We even attended the Chapter 32 monthly luncheon at the Golden Corral.  Yesterday, we had a Progressive Dinner that had been organized by Susie Orr and Lila Dudley, and it was wonderful.  We started with Hors-doevres at the Krutys.  Then we went to the Johnson’s for salads; followed by lasagna dinner (prepared by Kellie Gunn) at the Orr’s; and finally we had dessert at the Dudley’s.  What a wonderful way to spread dinner amongst different locations.

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