Saturday, March 2, 2013


Another beautiful day in Arizona, and it is finally warming up.  Today we are going with the North Ranch Off-Road Club on a Jeep trip to the Harquahala Mountain park.DSC02280

After driving for 50 mountains, we arrived at the trail head where everyone read signs and used the restroom.  DSC06272DSC06274

Then it was time to use the 4-wheel drives on our Jeeps on a rocky dirt road through a Saguaro Forest. DSC06277DSC06278DSC06279

We climbed up.  DSC06281DSC06282DSC06292

These were the views part way up.  DSC06284DSC06285DSC06286DSC06290  Dennis tried to climb higher, but came back down gracefully as always.  DSC06296  At the top, 3800 feet higher than when we started, we ate lunch, and had some great views and fun.  DSC06300DSC06301DSC06302DSC06306DSC06314DSC06316DSC06321  Then it was time to come back down.  DSC06324DSC06325

Finally it was time to sit around on Denny & Susie’s porch to relax.

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