Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013-03-16 & 17

Yesterday, the 16th, we left Phon D Sutton National Forest Park on the Salt River, and drove back to Usery Mountain Park.  We have arrived early for the Escapees Chapter 44 rally that starts on Monday.  Before we left, we walked down the road a little ways to take this picture of multi-armed Saguaro. DSC06378  On the way to Usery Mountain Park, I stopped for diesel fuel at the Standard Station down the street at $3.79 per gallon.  There is street construction which may contribute to their reduced price on diesel, but they charge the same for gasoline.  Oh well, and their lot was not level so I did not get a good fill.  After we parked at, I looked out the window, and our neighbor must have had a stow-a-way.  DSC06379  For dinner, we went to an excellent Chinese Buffet.

This morning, the 17th, Marilyn and I along with Carol Hill went for a walk around the Merkle Trail.  Of course my position was following:  IMG_20130317_092336_834  After lunch, Marilyn and I went to WalMart, and then I took a nap.  We had a nice Happy Hour, dinner at home, and relaxing for the evening.  Marilyn made Brownies for tomorrow’s dessert.

Type at you later.

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