Saturday, March 9, 2013

2013-03-08, 09

It started raining before we got up this morning, and has not stopped for a very long period all day.  Around 8am, our rally host (Cathy) came by to tell us that rally activities for the day had been cancelled, although there were donuts and coffee for breakfast and there would be chicken for dinner.  We are to pick up our chicken at 5pm, although all side dishes had been cancelled.  Marilyn and I will have lots of cucumber salad, since she made it last night.  A little after 9am we rode with Denny and Susie to a very large flea market, which they call a swap meet (the only thing we swapped was money).  I found a phone case, and Marilyn found a visor.  For lunch, we went to Del Taco, and, after lunch, Susie and Marilyn shopped at Kohl’s.  Back at the house, we have been relaxing for the rest of the afternoon, and will continue after dinner.

Relaxing changed to fun.  There were eight of us for dinner.  Marilyn and I, Susie and Denny, Steve and Lila, and Gordon Ellie made for a nice crowd in the motorhome.  We had the chicken that was provided by the chapter, and the sides that had been prepared for the potluck.  Gordon and Ellie went home after dinner, and the remaining six of us played a round of “Five Crowns”.  Great evening.

Saturday, the 9th.  We had our hitches and hugs in the pavilion on this cold and misty morning.  We packed up and moved with Denny and Susie into the Tonto National Forest where we will dry camp until next Saturday when we will move back to Usery Mountain Park for the Escapees Chapter 44 rally.  It is 1:15pm and only 57 degrees, so we will just stay inside and keep warm.

Type at you later.

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