Monday, March 11, 2013

2013-03-10, 11

Yesterday, I started working on my sister’s tax return, and then we started talking with the ladies.  Finally, we decided to go see Tortilla Flats (Susie, Denny, Marilyn & Larry).  It’s location was the last “stage stop” on the Apache Trail, but today is a bar, restaurant, etc. – a Tourist Attraction.  On the way out, we took pictures of snow covered mountains, a lake, and each other. DSC02330DSC02331DSC02332DSC02333DSC02334DSC02335DSC02336DSC02338

While we ate our hamburgers and hotdogs, we listened to good county music. DSC02339

Of course we had to take some tourist pictures behind the toilet seats.  DSC02343DSC02344

We also saw the criminal that had been hung, the stage, and the closed up mine. DSC02345DSC02346DSC02348

We continued crossing the creeks (water was flowing, but not deep enough to get stuck) along the Apache trail which was now a rough dirt road.  There were beautiful views, we passed where someone drove off the road, but the road became too rough so we turned back. DSC02350DSC02351DSC02352DSC02353 As you can see, we had a wonderful afternoon.

Today, the 11th, Susie went to a doctor appointment, and after lunch, Marilyn and I went to a laundromat, Sam’s Club, Dollar Tree for sympathy cards, and a grocery stored.  Sam’s roasted chickens made for a great dinner,and now it is time to post a blog.

Type at you later.

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