Sunday, March 31, 2013

2013-03-29, 30,31

Friday, the 29th, we took the ferry ($6.50 each because we are old) to San Francisco, getting off at the Ferry Dock. IMG_20130329_110309_022  We slowly walked from the Ferry Dock to Ghirardelli Square taking a few pictures along the way.  This is Coit Tower, which we will see close up on a tour.  IMG_20130329_112930_468  We ate lunch at Pier 39, where we saw the sea lions and Forbes Island. IMG_20130329_122441_074IMG_20130329_122452_620IMG_20130329_132856_010  I thought of Ken Miller when we saw this guy just playing away on this Hammer Dulcimer.  IMG_20130329_132123_298  As we walked along the various piers, I took this picture of Alcatraz Island.  IMG_20130329_133121_869  Then we ate a couple of free samples at Ghirardelli Square.  IMG_20130329_142108_864  As we left pier 41 on the ferry, I took this picture looking back at San Francisco.  IMG_20130329_151334_061  The fog was really rolling in as we left on the ferry.  This is Alcatraz Island from the stern of the ferry, a little after 4pm.  IMG_20130329_151435_142IMG_20130329_151438_811

Saturday, the 30th of March.  We drove east on I-80 to Vacaville for a morning Sam’s Club run.  Then it was WalMart where we shopped and ate Cheddar Onion Burgers at McDonald’s.  After lunch we drove back to Fairfield for a tour of the Budweiser Brewery.  Marilyn had a Shock Top, and I had a Black Crown.  I will drink more of the Black Crown.  IMG_20130330_150440_633

Easter Sunday, the 31st of March.  We stayed home to celebrate Easter, as well as staying warm, since it is cool and has rained off and on.  I did some more work organizing pictures so that I can put them on the Chapter 16 and 57 websites.  Marilyn has been cooking.  We will have another delicious Leg of Lamb meal, with a bottle of Champagne to celebrate Easter.

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