Monday, April 1, 2013


Bus tour day in San Francisco.  We start with the Ferry approaching the dock in Vallejo at 7:35am.  DSC06396DSC06397  We walked down to Pier 33 to see how long it would take – approximately 20 minutes.  When we do our Alcatraz tour next week, we hoped we would not have to take the 7:45 ferry waiting around for our 12:01pm tour.  We decided that we could take the 10am tour arriving at 11am should give us time to get to pier 33 to get our tickets and get on the boat to Alcatraz by 11:50.  That is the plan.

We returned to the Ferry Building.  DSC02452  Then, after a breakfast sandwich, we checked in with our tour bus company for our 5 1/2 hour torur on The San Francisco Comprehensive Shuttle Tours.  DSC06398  Then it was time to meet our tour guide Judith.  DSC06399  First up on the tour was a 30 minute ferry ride to Sausalito, where we had lunch.  The ferry took us past Alcatraz and our first view of the the Golden Gate Bridge.  DSC06401DSC06402DSC06403DSC06405  After lunch, we met up again with our tour guide, and our bus driver in front of the two elephants. DSC02454DSC06408DSC06409DSC06410  Nest was a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and a stop at Fort Point for pictures.  DSC02457DSC06415  And we get another picture of Alcatraz from another angle.  DSC06416DSC06417  We then drove through the Presidio (Marilyn’s father shipped out from the Presidio to his WWII post in Military Government on Okinawa) on our way to a stop at the last remaining building from the 1915 World’s Fair – The Palace of Fine Arts.  DSC06418DSC06419  There we saw the swans cordoned off because one was sitting on a nest.  DSC02463DSC06420DSC06421  Next was a stop to see the Six Sisters.  Man built a house in the 1890s for himself and his family.  Then he built 6 more homes to sell for $8K each, so there are really 7 houses painted in different colors..  DSC02465  Next up were Grace Cathedral and City Hall.  DSC02467DSC06424  The Cable Car Museum is fascinating because the cables, which are gripped between the wheels of the cable car, are all turned by electric motors in this building for the three cable car routes in the city.  The cables are able to pull the cars up San Francisco’s hills. DSC06426DSC06427DSC06429  San Francisco has the largest China Town in North America.   The second picture shows a man playing the Star Spangled Banner on a  Chinese instrument with its odd notes.  DSC06432DSC06433DSC06434DSC06435  Next we walked down Lombard Street’s crookedest block.  DSC06437DSC06442  The day was over when we were driven back to the Ferry Building about 4:55.  We managed to catch the 5:15 ferry back to Vallejo.  We thought it was a wonderful tour to see the highlights of San Francisco.

Type at you later.

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