Friday, April 5, 2013


We took the 10am ferry from Vallejo to San Francisco again this morning, except this time we had friends, Terri & Phil Tobin.  DSC02487  We got off the ferry at Pier 41, and walked to Pier 39 to shop, and see the male sea lions congregating on rafts near the end of the pier.  Since I was separated from them for a minute, I took a picture of Marilyn, Terri and Phil looking at the sea lions.  IMG_20130405_114627_438-001  Of course we need to show a few pictures of the sea lions themselves.  DSC02484DSC02485DSC02486  Next, it was time for lunch.  One of the young ladies riding the ferry with us suggested that we try the Castagnola Restaurant at 286 Jefferson St, near Pier 45.  IMG_20130405_124129_505  Marilyn, Phil and Terri each had the Dungeness crab cakes with clam chowder, while I had a shrimp po-boy and lobster bisque.  All of the food was absolutely delicious.  We would go back on a return trip to San Francisco.  Marilyn and Terri thought this seagull was very pretty,  DSC02488

Next up was our Cable Car ride.  We figure every tourist in San Francisco has to ride the Cable Car.  Besides, Marilyn had to yell “Rice-a-Roni” while hanging off a Cable Car.  Here are Terri and Phil hanging on to the side of a car.  DSC02489  Marilyn also took a picture of Phil and I on the cable car.  IMG_20130405_144753_476  They turn the cars around manually at each end of a route.  DSC02491   The operator has levers and foot pedals to make the car go or stop.  The cable itself operates on a continuous loop underground that must be gripped by a lever to go forward, and let go when the brakes are applied by another lever.  IMG_20130405_160610_678  Since it is San Francisco, the cable cars have to be able to go up hills and down, in addition to being able to start and stop at Stop signs and street lights in the middle of the hills.  IMG_20130405_145130_477IMG_20130405_160626_215  Since we had bought All Day Muni passes for the Cable Car and buses, we were able to catch a bus back to the Ferry Terminal in time to catch the 6pm ferry back to Vallejo.  Arrival meant it was cocktail time, and the heck with dinner.

Type at you later.

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