Monday, April 8, 2013

2013-04-07, 08

After breakfast, I finished my last family tax return (Federal and NYS).  After lunch, I went over to help Terri and Phil get some use out of there new Dell computer with Windows 8.  We stayed right through happy hour, and then they served us a delicious lasagna dinner.  Terri had made some wonderful meatballs to go with the lasagna, and we enjoyed those also.  Tomorrow will be another day.

This morning, the 8th, I put some pictures on Escapees Chapter 16’s website.  Then we decided to drive to Muir Woods National Monument.  Marilyn said Phil and I would have to decide who would  be driving.  Shortly afterwards, she said that Phil had decided to drive, and that we would be going right after lunch.

This turned out to be a most wonderful hike through the woods (Redwoods that is).  This is the entrance sign (as some of you know, I like to take pictures of signs to tell me what the following pictures are about.  DSC06473  As we started on our hike, I asked a young lady to take a picture of all of us (Terri & Phil Tobin, and Marilyn and I) under the arch.  DSC06475  I took over 80 pictures today, so you will have to see some pictures of trees (tall trees).  Here is a cut from a redwood tree showing its rings – it began life around 909 A.D.  This park is home to the Coast Redwood (also sound on the coast of Oregon) grows up to 368 feet high with a diameter of up to 20 feet, and this species is the tallest type of tree living in the world today.  My biggest problem was trying to get a picture of one of these large trees from ground to top.  DSC06485  The plaque says that this bicentennial tree started its life during our American Revolution.  DSC06498   These old trees have openings that just beg for people to have their pictures taken standing in them.  DSC06502DSC06503  The burls growing on these trees are very interesting.  Eventually new trees grow out of these burls – clones.  DSC06527  Still trying to get a picture of a whole tree.  DSC06533  Many people stop to take a picture of this protuberance.  DSC06542DSC06543    Phil kept pushing these buttons.  Apparently they were not connected to anything, because nobody came to take him away.  DSC06551 

We all decided that we had had such a wonderful 2 mile hike in Muir Woods National Monument, that we deserved to go out to dinner.  Mexican sounded good.  We found a Chevys on the way home, and it turned out to be a good stop with great food.

Type at you later. 

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