Thursday, April 4, 2013

2013-04-03, 04

On the 2nd, I took another blood pressure pill with the diuretic built in.  As a result I woke up tired, so I took a nap after breakfast.  Around 10:30 or 11, I was awake enough to drive us to the Jelly Belly Factory tour.  IMG_20130403_112925_943IMG_20130403_113055_801IMG_20130403_113105_622  We did not wait for the tour, because it was an hour wait.  So, we went to In and Out Burger for lunch.  I had the Double Double Animal Style, and Marilyn had a Cheeseburger Animal Style.  Animal style for my double double meat, and for Marilyn’s cheeseburger included double cheese plus veggies and sauce.  They were delicious.  IMG_20130403_123842_149  We drove back to the house so I could take another nap (that’s it, I will not take another one of these high blood pressure pills, I would like to do more than sleep).

I did not take a blood pressure pill last night, the 3rd, so I felt pretty good this morning, the 4th.  So, we drove back south to San Jose so we could tour one of the most iconic mansions on the National Register – Sarah L Winchester’s “Winchester Mystery House”.  Sarah inherited the Winchester Arms fortune, so she had more than enough money to pay for whatever she wanted in a home.  She had gone to a psychic and was told that she should build a mansion, and continue building it to atone for deaths of all those who had been killed by Winchester Rifles.  So she started building her house in San Jose.  For the next 38 years (her remaining life) she built rooms, added rooms, etc. until she had built a 160 room mansion?  She included doors that did not go outside, or into another room, windows that opened into other rooms, or not, and stairs that ended at the ceiling instead of other floors.  It is a tour into the mysteries of a mind, because the owners have no idea why some things were done.  She did not leave a map, or explanation why some things were done.  Her servants did not even know.  As part of our $36 each tour fee, we were only allowed to take pictures of the outside of this Victorian design home.  So most of the interior oddities can not be included in this blog.  IMG_20130404_145358_986IMG_20130404_152940_687IMG_20130404_153029_799  The number 13 was apparently Sarah’s lucky number, because it could be seen inside, as well as in the hedges.  IMG_20130404_145839_789  We were glad to return home from our 60 some mile trip to San Jose.

Type at you later.

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