Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Today was a walking day.  Marilyn’s pedometer said that we walked 7.25 miles.  Note today’s miles are after walking 9 miles yesterday.  Our bones are sore. 

We began the day by driving to the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  We had trouble finding the North Side parking lot from which one could walk across the bridge.  First we drove down to Fort Baker, now a Coast Guard Station.  There was parking, but the hill to the bridge was beyond our capability.  We did get a good picture of the ex-Lime Point Light and the bridge.  DSC06443DSC06444  We went into the Discovery Center (designed for kids under 8) and they gave us directions.  Go back up the hill toward 101 South (the Golden Gate toll bridge), but turn right 20 feet before the freeway.  That got us started, but there were no available spaces.  So, we drove on looking for the trail to the Point Bonita Lighthouse.  We found and followed the trail, but there is a big rock in the way of our view.  DSC06448  There were harbor seals to view along the way.  DSC06447  After returning on the trail, we headed for the Bird Island Viewpoint, because we were able to see the Point Bonita Lighthouse from this viewpoint.  DSC06449  As we walked back down the trail, I took pictures of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, and some flowers.  DSC06451DSC06452DSC06454

We returned to the north side bridge parking lot, where a nice young lady came back to our car saying “you have been in line before us, so please take the parking space that my brother will leave for you”.  We accepted, and luckily they found a space shortly after we pulled in.  Here are a couple of pictures as we started across the bridge.  DSC06455DSC06456 We saw another view – down onto Lime Point Lighthouse.  DSC06457  I took pictures of the bridge structures and cables.  DSC06458DSC06461  As we walked across the bridge, we looked at boats on the bay, including ones we think are practicing for the Americas Cup.  DSC06459DSC06460DSC06462DSC06468

On the south side of the bridge, we had sandwiches at the Bridge Café (not fresh), and took another picture of Fort Point, where later we found had a lighthouse on its roof.  DSC06465-001  I took a couple of bridge pictures as we walked back north across the Golden Gate Bridge.  DSC06465DSC06466DSC06472

We drove into the RV Park, and as we exited the Jeep we realized how much our legs, etc. hurt.  At least we plan to rest up tomorrow for more sightseeing later in the week. 

Type at you later. 

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