Friday, March 22, 2013

2013-03-21, 22

During the afternoon of the 20th, we had boat races here in Arizona, in the campground, in a homemade lake, with homemade (or should I say RV made) boats. IMG_20130320_130612_283IMG_20130320_130629_774IMG_20130320_132210_085IMG_20130320_132217_363  Marilyn won the Booby Prize for her boat made out of a plastic cocktail glass with a straw for a mast, and an Escapee Decal for a sail.  Oh, and she also won a bottle of wine.   IMG_20130320_162959_271IMG_20130320_164143_544 

For lunch on the 21st, we went back to Organ Stop Pizza for a pizza buffet, and we also got to listen to the pipe organ one more time. IMG_20130321_111612_308

Breakfast on the 22nd, the end of the rally, was interesting because the guys cooked for the ladies, and served the ladies.  The guys were not allowed to eat with the ladies, not even their wives.  These pictures show the guys and gals at different tables. IMG_20130322_085817_943IMG_20130322_085843_335IMG_20130322_085852_707IMG_20130322_085905_845IMG_20130322_085915_741IMG_20130322_085923_426  This was the end of the rally, and most of the Chapter 44 members headed for home or other parks.

After our 4pm social, 10 of us drove out Apache Trail to the Mining Camp Restaurant for dinner and a show featuring the McNasty Brothers. IMG_20130322_192018_099  For dinner, we had water, tea and lemonade; rolls and raisin bread with prickly pear jelly and coleslaw; then it was barbequed beef ribs, chicken, ham, string beans, baked beans, potatoes; and finally, a cookie with raisins. IMG_20130322_182824_709IMG_20130322_183541_541IMG_20130322_183557_087IMG_20130322_183610_877  Then Denny Orr received a special treat since his birthday had been the day before.  IMG_20130322_193705_895

Type at you later.

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