Thursday, March 7, 2013


This morning, I stayed in the house catching up on some computer work – blog, tax return, etc.  Marilyn went off on a 4 mile hike.  After lunch, we went to the post office in Apache Junction to see if we could get our mail there, and stopped for some veggies on the way home.

After we got back to the house, we went to the Chapter 32 business meeting.  Then it was time to go to for Organ Stop Pizza.  We did get good pizza, but the show was wonderful.  We watched a Wurlitzer Pipe Organ being played by a great musician.  DSC02328  In addition to controlling the pipe organ from this console, he played the drums, a piano, the marimba, cymbals, etc. DSC02320DSC02321DSC02322DSC02323DSC02325  When he played “Alley Cat”, the cats danced. DSC02329  We listened to the most wonderful medley from “Phantom” that I have ever heard. 

All in all, a great day.

Type at you later.

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