Saturday, March 2, 2013


Yesterday, we started the day by going to the Post Office to send our daughter, Beverly, her state and municipal tax returns to sign and mail.  We stopped to buy fuel for the Jeep on the way home, where Marilyn, Susie and Denny helped set up for the La Fiesta evening here at North Ranch.  Around 6pm we all went up to the Activity Center for snacks, entertainment and dancing until 9pm.  Denny Orr was our sheriff for the evening, and he even had some folks in jail up on the stage right.  DSC06327DSC06328 DSC06334 We joined Sandy Kruty, Dennis and Carol Hill at their table for the evening.  DSC06330DSC06331  The table had a nice decoration, and there was a nice crowd.  DSC06332DSC06333DSC06337 We had live music. DSC06336DSC06338DSC06353DSC06358DSC06359DSC06360  Skits were also presented.  Carol could not resist sex:  DSC06339  Steve Dudley and Denny Orr applied makeup, etc. to their lovely wives (Lila and Susie) in preparation for a night at the Cactus Club.  DSC06345DSC06346DSC06347DSC06348DSC06349DSC06350DSC06351DSC06352  And finally, this young lady had to take a cab because she could not continue to sit next to ???  DSC06354DSC06355DSC06356DSC06357

Everyone enjoyed the Cactus Club.

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