Monday, May 19, 2014


Since writing last, Marilyn and I had a wonderful time at the Escapade. Our staff position was that of Door Prize Coordinators. We sorted and grouped the door prizes so that we gave out about 30 per night, with each worth at least $50. Since we had over 1000 attendees, not everyone could receive a door prize in the 20 minutes we had each night.

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many of the friends we have met all over the country as a result of traveling in an RV. we were also lucky to make many new friends. The last night of the Escapade we went out to dinner with Susie and Denny Orr, the Escapees Chapter Directors. That gave us a chance to say we missed working with them like we had in so many previous Escapades.

We signed up to be next year’s Escapade Door Prize Coordinators in Tucson, in March. Both the Directors (Molly and Bob) and Assistant Directors (Wanda and Wallace) told us to do so.

Saturday, after hitches and hugs, we went to the Escapees’ VCR (Volunteer Club Representative) workshop to discuss how to help chapters grow. We all went for an Amish family style dinner put on in a building by a single Amish family next to their home.

Sunday morning Marilyn and I walked around saying goodbye to many of our friends before driving back to the Elkhart Campground. Mary and Gary Olson joined us here at Elkhart Campground after they left the Escapade.

This morning, Monday, we drove to Bontragers Surplus in White Pigeon, MI looking for parts for our toilet that they did not have. Then we went Lambright’s and ordered a new chair to be picked up tomorrow. They told us about Emma’s Warehouse, but they did not have the parts either. On the way back to Elkhart, we stopped at Rise ‘n Roll to buy a pie, eat some samples, and have a delicious lunch of half sandwich plus chicken noodle soup.

We were finally able to order the parts next door to Elkhart Campground.

Type at you later.

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