Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Yesterday, after reading emails, Facebook, and online news, Marilyn and I drove to Shipshewana, IN where we spent the rest of the morning plus most of the afternoon at the Shipshewana Flea Market.  Marilyn found a few Xmas gifts that we will be able to leave in New York instead of shipping them to New York just before Xmas. We ate lunch at the Flea Market.  Marilyn had a fish sandwich, and I had a pork tenderloin sandwich.

After leaving the flea market, we stopped at Lambright’s Furniture Store.  We have  been looking for a recliner to replace my chair, and found they have nice looking wall hugger recliners that are used in RV’s.  We are leaning towards the darker colored one, because we do not think the lighter one would actually match the color of our other furniture.  They are both the same chair, but different colored fabrics. IMG_20140506_151950_034IMG_20140506_152034_057

This morning, just before lunch, Don and Sharon Del Rosario pulled in next to us here at Elkhart Campground.  It is great seeing these wonderful friends again, since it was over a year ago that we saw them last in Arizona.

Type at you later.

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  1. Nice looking chairs....but picture makes them look like leather....happy decision making! We know you will have fun!!!