Sunday, May 11, 2014


I guess it is time to write again.

We had a good time while we were at Elkhart Campground because we many friends to visit with at happy hour, going out to dinner, and just stopping by.

On Friday, we drove to the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds for the Escapade. I thought I would be able to drive to the fairgrounds without using a GPS. I was wrong, and finally had to use the phone. It used some small streets, but got us here. We were parked in the area called the hill, along with our friends – Don & Sharon Del Rosario’s, Frank & Gloria King, Bob & Barb Williams, Tom & Debbie Abernathy. After checking in with the office, we started working on the Door Prize inventory until the first staff meeting. Marilyn even won a prize – a candle that will become an Xmas present. After the meeting we had a happy hour with snacks provided. Then we went home for leftovers and work on the Door Prize inventory.

Saturday morning, we met with Wanda Lewis to get our Door Prize job description questions answered. There is lots of noise in there fairgrounds due to a local equipment auction. I worked on as spreadsheet of door prizes (description, donor, etc. Marilyn went to the goody bag stuffing. We sat with the Roses and Mulhalls for happy hour and the catered staff dinner.

Today, we we went to hospitality for our breakfast of coffee and donuts. We re-checked the Door Prize inventory before lunch. After lunch we went to the Escapade Market Area to solicit door prizes. Not many were present, so we will have to go for more tomorrow. Marilyn went to the Row meeting while I continued to work on the Door Prize spreadsheet.

Both Beverly and Doug called to wish Marilyn a happy Mother’s Day, and it was great to talk to them.  We had a quiet dinner, since it is so quiet here on the hill. After dinner we went down to the track to see the Sandy and John McKean for a beer and conversation, to see Chick Thompson, and finally we stopped by the Nelson’s for more conversation and a Marguerita. Then it was back home to wait for a storm if we get one.

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