Sunday, May 25, 2014


This morning after our normal reading of email, Facebook, blogs and newspapers, we loaded into Gary and Mary Olson’s Jeep for a tour of the area. First stop was the Wakarusa Dime Store, followed by a drive through the countryside to Shipshewana.

We had to wait for car before we could pass, so took a picture of the back of this buggy.IMG_20140524_113908_324-001

A team of horses pulling a wagon, pulling a hay baler.IMG_20140524_114844_386-001

Driving around, there are many signs to watch out for buggies.IMG_20140524_115106_431-001

We stopped at E&S Sales, a bulk food retailer, and took a picture of all of these buggies tied up along the side of the store.IMG_20140524_122659_474-001

Next stop was at this cheese store where we grazed on samples.IMG_20140524_123730_542

After the cheese, we stopped at RiseN’Ro’'ll for lunch. I had the Crazy Man Sub, and we all had their most delicious broccoli and cauliflower salad.

At 5pm we joined Curtis, from RVillage, and several other couples for a potluck get-together. We had  great time swapping stories and making new friends.

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  1. You had a sub and how many donuts?