Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yesterday Dave and Maureen stopped and picked us up for a drive in to Kalamazoo. Along the way, we stopped in Delton to pick up our mail – nothing important..

After Dave’s blood test and a stop at their daughter’s to drop off a bird’s nest, we went to Nell’s brewery for lunch.IMG_20140527_133504_988

This selfie of Marilyn, Maureen, Dave and myself wasn’t too bad considering the inside lighting. Dave and I had the Pub Dip (roast beef sub and au jus), Marilyn and Mareen each had a grilled cheese. Marilyn also had asparagus soup. We all said our food and beer were great.IMG_20140527_123459_977

Here is an organ on the wall.IMG_20140527_123254_976

As we were leaving, one of the arriving patrons took a picture of the four of us on the front steps.IMG_20140527_133531_660

When we got back to Dave and Maureen’s, we had happy hour and dinner. Jimmy and Penny Hamann also joined us.

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