Thursday, May 22, 2014


It is a beautiful sunny 65 degree morning at 9:30am here in Elkhart, IN. Marilyn is just getting up because she has a cold and does not fell well.

Yesterday morning I installed led strips in one of the 18” light fixtures. Then I started updating the Ch. 57 web site, but before finishing, it was time for lunch. After lunch I went to get my phone and found that Verizon had an Android operating system update for my phone to the 4.4.2 KitKat version. As I pushed the start update button, I noticed that I had voice mail, but could not hear it for about 15 minutes or so while the phone was updating.

Al, from LaGrange Jeep, left a message that the Jeep was ready. So Marilyn and I went to pick it up, and are glad to have it back. I did not enjoy driving their old 203000 mile Dodge Caravan. on the. way back to Elkhart, we visited with Joan and Richard again.

Before signing off, here is a picture of our new Lambright’s chair, set up in our living room. I took the picture with my Surface Pro 2.LARRYSP2 - WIN_20140522_092302

Type at you later.

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