Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

Frank and Maureen Hallday came to Daytona Beach RV Resort on Tuesday, the 27th.  We enjoyed being able to sit around and talk with them and Larry & Carolyn Jarvis.  For dinner, we headed back to Martin’s Restaurant & Lounge for more prime rib.  Here are some pictures of the beach, and dinner.  20121127_17224320121127_18001320121127_18002520121127_180051

On Wednesday, we on the shore at Daytona Beach.  Since Larry Jarvis had a handicap licard, we didn’t even have to pay the $5 to drive on the beach.  The beach is public, but the hotels limit the number of places where you can actually get on to the beach. 20121128_131859

Thursday, the 29th we had to say goodbye to Frank and Maureen as they headed back to Sumter Oaks in Bushnell, FL.  For dinner, we heated a ham steak on the grill, and used more of our leftovers from Thanksgiving.

Today is Red Shirt Friday.  We walked, breakfast, and around 11 we headed to Titusville so we could have lunch at Dixie Crossroads where they are famous for their Rock Shrimp.  20121130_12012120121130_120221

I, along with Marilyn and Larry Jarvis had the rock shrimp.  Carolyn had a Maine lobster.  Here is a picture of the rock shrimp and fries.  20121130_124657

On the way back to Daytona Beach, we drove along the Black Point Wildlife Drive where we saw many different kinds of birds (Roseate Spoonbills, herons, coots, etc.) and a couple of alligators.  It was a nice drive.

Type at you later.

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