Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday, October 12, 2012

Yesterday. we spent our time trying to find out if our extended warranty had approved the work on our slide and water pump.  Finally, after lunch, Cassandra said all had been approved, so we had to track down Pete to find out when we would return to a bay for the repairs.  He said he thought we would be back in about 7 in the morning.  As we were getting ready for our 4pm social at Brenda and Dave Neil’s, Pete said we would be going into Bay 32 instead of returning to Bay 31.  I said it did not matter to us.

Our 4pm social at Brenda and Dave’s included several people.  Bennett and Bea Mason, Marty and Peggy McCauley, Gene and Annette Stout, and Eddy (Bea and Bennett’s neighbor) all gathered under Dave and Brenda’s awning. Brenda said we would not need to have dinner after her h’orderves, and she was right.  We had cheese and crackers, deviled eggs, sandwiches, grapes, pie, etc. 

Marilyn and I went to bed early, because we had to get up at 5:30am to move the motorhome to the bay at 6:45.  We hit Subway for breakfast again.  Here is a picture of our slide while it was being worked on (out and jacked up).  photo

This morning, they replaced the slide motor, slide shafts, idler shafts, and the water pump.  We tested the slide before we backed out of the bay.  Next, we went back in to site 53 to dump gray, add fresh water and have lunch.  When we tested the water pump, it would not shut off.  We finally ran some water from each faucet, and found out that there must have been air in the lines, because the pump has not run every 10 minutes like it did before replacement.  The best part of this trip to Red Bay was that our extended warranty paid 3/4 of our $1200 bill.  Of course we did spend more money in Red Bay including the 4 new tires on the Jeep, and the oil & lube job on the motorhome.

We left Red Bay around 1:00pm and drove until about 4pm.  We have stopped to spend the night at WalMart in Fort Payne, AL. 

As another friend said, We Are Free (of Red Bay) until we make our next pilgrimage. 

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