Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We woke up this morning without having to turn on the furnace at all during the night.  Of course, we had to warm up the house before we got out of bed.  After breakfast, we made the motorhome ready for travel, and parked out in the Bountiful Elks Parking Lot.  Then we drove to Clearfield to get our mail, nothing exciting.  We also drove up to Roy to see what exit we would have to get off in order to join the Del Rosario’s in the FamCamp.  Then we went up to the next exit to see if there was a WalMart to park in while waiting for them to arrive in the afternoon.

We drove back to the Elks to get the motorhome and drive it up to the Sam’s parking lot.  A.P. Hill Air Force Base has a nice museum, so we spent the afternoon looking at military airplanes.  As we were going back to the motorhome, Sharon called and said the FamCamp was full, and they would not be able to get us in.  We moved up from exit 339 to 343 and signed in to a Good Sam Park for 3 nights.  Just before dinner, Dennis Hill called and asked if we would like to move out on Thursday instead of Friday.  I went to the office, and they were so nice they were able to void our 3 night transaction, and make it a 2 night.

We will start north again on Thursday, the 5th instead of Friday the 6th.

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