Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We started the Alaska Highway at Mile Post Zero in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, yesterday on the morning of the 16th.  We drove 217 miles to an abandoned Provincial Park campground.  We spent the night with no hook-ups (no electricity, water or sewer).  Of course all of our motorhomes have generators, we filled our fresh water tanks, and emptied our sewer tanks before leaving, so we did not need to be in a campground with those facilities.  We did see some deer on that drive, but no other animals.  Some walked down to the river near our deserted campground.  DSC00994DSC00995

Then it was social hour around the campfire, with ladies knitting, some isolation, and guys just solving the world’s woes. 


This morning, the 17th,  we pulled out about 7:35.  Marilyn and I stopped in Fort Nelson to convert some more US$ to C$ at a local bank, bought milk, etc. at a grocery store, and then continued to another pull-off where all six RVs could boondock (no hook-ups) for another night.  Along the way, we saw 2 moose, some deer and some Stone Sheep.  We even saw British Columbia’s Stone Mountain.  In the next picture, Summit Lake was still frozen.

 DSC01000DSC01001  Looking across the street we could see up to nine Stone Sheep on the side of a mountain too far away for pictures.   Several of us walked up the hill behind our RVs to take pictures of our rigs.  Then of course it was time for our social hour together sitting outside, after which we all retired to our respective RVs for dinner, blogging, etc. DSC01006DSC02538DSC02541

Type at you later.

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