Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yesterday, the 10th, Marilyn and I did some sightseeing around Lethbridge, AB.  We drove out to see the Alberta Birds of Prey that was supposed to open on the 10th.  They said they were open sort of, because they were under construction.  They did let us walk around for free to see what few birds they had out, falcon, owls, hawks, etc.  Then we started the scenic drive through Lethbridge, past subdivisions, the downtown stores, and then down to see the river and the bridge.  The river is called “Old Man River”, and the high bridge is a railroad bridge completed in 1909.  We had lunch at Tim Horton’s, finished the scenic drive and went back to the campground to relax.  Dinner was at the Mojo Pub and Grill.  The salmon burgers were good.

We left Lethbridge today, the 11th, and drove to the Alberta Beach Golf Resort west of Edmonton about 30 miles.  Marilyn fixed an enchilada pie, Carol brought salad, and Sharon brought chips and salsa.  We all had another wonderful dinner.

This is a picture of the sign for the bird sanctuary. DSC02418

Then you have to see pictures of the high railroad bridge and Old Man River. DSC02419DSC02420DSC02421DSC02422

Then this is our location at the Alberta Beach and Golf Resort. DSC02423

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