Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

We finished driving the Top of The World Highway by driving from Chicken, AK to Tok, AK, a total distance of about 70 miles.  There was more pavement, some dirt and gravel, but we were able to drive most of it at 35 to 45 mph instead of 20 to 30.  The only animal we saw was a jack rabbit, and the scenery did not lend itself to Kodak moments.  We did take a couple of pictures at a rest stop of the highest point on this section of the Taylor Highway (the peak at 5200ft, but the road only reached 3200.


The campground we are staying at, Tundra Lodge and RV Park, has an rv and car wash for $15.  We took advantage of the wash, but I only remembered the camera in time to take a picture of the dirt under the hood of the Jeep.


After our 4:00 social hour we all went to Fast Eddy’s for dinner.  I had a Halibut burger on a homemade hero roll, and Marilyn had Halibut fingers.  The fish was fried, but absolutely delicious.  I did take some pictures of friends at the table.  The three pictures are of Mary and Carol, Carol’s husband Dennis, and finally a picture of Mary with her husband Gary.IMAG0262IMAG0263IMAG0264

As usual, I try to obtain pictures that are not posed.

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