Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We left Skagway, AK this morning.  We did stop to top off with fuel since we could use our credit card without an international fee.  It was a nice drive up to White Pass at 3,269 feet (Skagway is at sea level) in about 14 miles.  We cruised most of it at 25 mph in 2nd gear.  During our 103 mile drive to Whitehorse, YT we saw 2 black bear and 2 moose.DSC02658DSC02659DSC02668DSC02669

The baby moose was so young it had trouble making its legs go up the embankment following its mother.  We also stopped at CarrCross (Caribou Crossing) museum to where we saw stuffed animals from the Yukon and dogs used to run the Idtarod.

Now for some older pictures that I just downloaded from the camera to the computer.  On the 22nd, Marilyn and I stopped at Rancheria Falls for a 1/3 mile walk.DSC02615DSC02616

The ride from White Pass down to Skagway, from the Yukon Territory to Alaska, on the 23rd presented us with rain drops, and lots of snow on the peaks. Since we were driving from Canada back into the US, we had to go through US customs.


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