Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday, May, 14, 2011

I had planned on writing this on the evening of the 14th, but it is not getting dark until after nine, and we were sitting out discussing our trip until well after eight.  Therefore, I was too tired to write.  I did get the pictures downloaded to the computer from the camera, but then I decided to just relax.

Since we have been in Canada, we have had our cell phones turned to “Airplane Mode”.  We can not make calls in airplane mode, and they do not update unless we are connected to wifi.  Two of our friends have internet dishes on the tops of their rigs, so we are able to get email either on the phones or computers.  However, I do miss having my Droid connected to a Verizon network.  Marilyn and I may try to do something different next year when we go to the Canadian Maritime Provinces.

We were just about to sit down to breakfast, when Dennis emailed to ask if anyone wanted to ride out to see the Kiskatinaw bridge. It is a curved, wooden trestle bridge on the Old Alaska Highway that was built in 1942.



After lunch, we cleaned the bugs off the front of the motorhome, and waxed it.  Then we went shopping at a small Wal-Mart and a Safeway grocery store.  Before going back to the campground, we took a picture at the Alaska Highway Mile Zero Cairn, and at the Mile Post Zero downtown. 


Dawson Creek is now getting murals painted on the walls of some of its old buildings.  DSC00974DSC00976

Sharon cooked some delicious spaghetti sauce in her crockpot for all of us.  Others brought sides, and we had another wonderful meal together.  (And now there are six rigs, 12 people since Jean & Claudette Fradette joined us), DSC00988DSC00992

Type at you later.

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