Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slept late this morning, and did not get up until 7:30.  After breakfast, Marilyn and I put transport material on the front of our motorhome.  Then Dennis and Marilyn put smiley faces on the motorhomes.


About 3:30, we all went down to the Alaska Highway Zero Mileposts for pictures. DSC02469DSC02473

After pictures, we car-pooled out to the Sewell Valley Game Ranch for dinner and a tour of their exotic animals.


For dinner we had various salads, elk, sweet and sour venison BBQ, buffalo lasagna, roast buffalo, and of course desserts.  Then it was time to go tour the farm to see all of their animals.  There were donkeys, elk, buffalo, reindeer, musk ox, chickens, peacock and pea hens, long horn bull, pigs.  What a collection. DSC02495DSC02500DSC02504DSC02510DSC02513

Type at you later.

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