Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today was another moving day.  We left Bonanza Gold RV Park just after 10am, crossed the river by ferry, and were hitched and moving on at 11:15am.  We drove the Top of The World Highway, arriving in Chicken, AK just after 3pm.  Part of the way, on the Canadian side was paved, but mostly dirt road.  On the Alaskan side of the highway, it was all dirt.  Of course, the time changed when we went through Customs into Alaska.  There was a sign in the Chicken Café that said we might get cell phone service at mile post 32 (we are at MP 69).

I downloaded the pictures from both cameras this evening, and found a picture of our whole group taken by our waitress at the Bonanza Saloon in Skagway. DSC01064

Marilyn took pictures of our motorhome getting on and off of the ferry this morning.  Note that she went across on the ferry before I did.  (We said “See you on the other side”.DSC01070DSC01074DSC01076DSC01077

Here is the US Customs house on the Top of the World Highway and the welcome to Alaska sign.


Then of course we have to have pictures of the Chicken, AK signs, the Mercantile store where we bought Chicken shirts, and the café where we ate dinner.DSC02747DSC02749DSC01079DSC02750

Finally, they really do have chickens in Chicken, they are between the saloon and the café.


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