Friday, May 20, 2011

Wednesday – Friday, May 18-19-20, 2011

Marilyn and I did not get up early today, May 18th, because we only had to drive about 70 miles.  We were still on the road by 8:45, and arrived at Liard Hot Springs, BC around 11.  I seldom got above 50 miles an hour.  The road was paved, but patched with quite a few bumps.  We saw one caribou, and half a dozen buffalo.  After lunch, Marilyn and I walked down to the hot springs for a couple of pictures, then back for our bathing suites for a dip in the pools – one warm to go in first, and then a hotter one to relax in.  We have no internet here, so this will not be published for a couple of days.  Here is a picture of the buffalo along side the road, and a picture of Don and Dennis in the hotter of the two pools at the springs.


Thursday, the 19th.  Marilyn and I slept in; didn’t get up until 7:30.  Marilyn fixed pancakes, and then we went for a 3 mile walk.  I finally got a picture of the park entrance sign.

  DSC02561  After lunch, I checked tire pressures, and added where needed.  Then it was time for another dip in the hot springs pools – gravel bottoms, waist deep, nice and warm.  Of course 4:00 was social hour.  Then after dinner, we drove back across the bridge where we saw some more buffalo, and finally saw a wild black bear.


Friday, the 20th.  We all left early.  We were second to last at 8:00, having gotten up at 6am again.  The drive from Liard Hot Springs, BC to Watson Lake, YT was not long, but we did get to see several more buffalo, and one black bear.  Here is a picture of the sign entering the Yukon Territory, a buffalo, today’s bear, and the Sign Post Forest.  DSC02579DSC02573DSC02581

We all went out to the Baby Nugget RV Park and Restaurant for dinner.  Marilyn and I had the cheapest beef on the menu.  It was a hamburger with canned gravy, grilled onions on the hamburger and fries – all for C$ 18 plus 2.50 each for bottled water and a glass of Pepsi.  Definitely not a place for a return visit tomorrow.

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