Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The refrigerator was not in, so they did not install it today.  Karen said she had been calling the port to try to get it delivered, but so far, in had not been.  They all said that we could stay here in the alley again, so we did not move the house this morning.  However, we did start getting some errands done.  First, we went to the Quest lab to get the blood work done that our doctor had ordered.  Then we went to Kriner’s Diner again for breakfast.  I had coffee, 3 eggs, hash browns, bacon and sourdough toast.  Marilyn had tea, 3 eggs, hash browns and wheat toast.  Total was $23 including tip.  After breakfast, we went to the Cat dealer to get an air filter for the motorhome.  They did not have one, but said that NAPA had one on the shelf.  Cost was $124.  Now I have to put it on, but we had a suggestion that we not put it on until after the Haines highway.  At any rate we have one.  Next was a stop at a credit union, followed by a drive down to the Portage Glacier for a tour.  The Portage Glacier created Portage Lake, and now calves into the lake.  It was a nice boat tour.

As we started down towards the Portage Glacier, we stopped at a pullout where we could see snow covered mountains behind us.  Looking at the map they must have been the Chigmit Mountains,  At any rate, they were beautiful.


A little further down the road, we saw several people looking up at the cliff, so we pulled off to see what they were looking at.  Several Mountain Goats.  Great views.DSC03799-1DSC03803-1DSC03805-1DSC03807-1

The boat that took us on the tour to the Portage Glacier was named for Alaska’s State Bird – the Ptarmigan (note:  Chicken, Alaska was supposed to be named for the Ptarmigan, but they could not spell it).


The Portage Glacier was wonderful to look at.


There were several other glaciers overlooking the lake, along with water falls. There was even the terminal moraine of former glacier.


Type at you later.

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