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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Since it is 11:00am on the 6th, and I just posted our blog for the 4th of July, I guess it is time to write about the 5th.

We drove along the Parks Highway (AK 3) north to Healy AK.  Healy is about 7 miles north of the entrance to Denali National Park.  Along the way, we did get a glimpse of the top of the mountain named Denali by the First Nation, and Mt. McKinley by those in the lower 48 states (or “outside” by Alaskans).  But, by the time we arrived at the pull-off view points, it was once again hiding behind the clouds.DSC03422DSC03424DSC03428DSC03430

Of course the scenery along the 160 mile route was still fabulous.DSC03434DSC03435DSC03436

We also stopped at the Veteran’s Memorial.  Alaska has proudly served in all branches of the military, including reserves, the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine.DSC03432DSC03433

We drove through part of Denali National Park on the way to Healy, and stopped to take a picture of the entrance sign.


After social hour, we all attended the Alaska Cabin Night for a delicious dinner of salmon, BBQ ribs, and  fixin’s.  Our wait staff and entertainment met us at the door.  During dinner, one played the piano, and after dinner they all provided music and story telling about Alaskan life and especially about Annie Quigley.  Annie moved to Alaska in the early part of the 20th century where she hunted, mined for gold, mined miners, sold food, etc.IMAG0350IMAG0355IMAG0356IMAG0359IMAG0362

It was interesting to note that Aramark even provides food service in Alaska.IMAG0352

Finally, here are a three pictures depicting satisfaction from the 4th of July breakfast put on by Dennis.



Type at you later.

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  1. That breakfast sure looks good and eating outside probably made it all the better. Enjoyed your photos of the mountain.