Friday, July 8, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

This morning we drove to the Denali National Park Visitor Complex.  Lots of information at the visitor center with movies, ranger talks, stuffed animals, and signs.  There we met the Fradette’s and Del Rosario’s, with whom we had lunch.

After lunch, Marilyn and I spent some more time in the visitor center, and then drove to the Savage River, which is as far as private automobiles may drive in the park.  They have shuttle buses to take people further into the park.  In fact we are scheduled for an 8 hour bus ride in the park on Monday, the 11th.  Along the way today, we stopped at a pull-off where we were able to get a pretty good view of Mt McKinley (Denali) from about 70 miles away.  Before we got out of the car, John McBeath and Jo Wilson pulled up in front of us, so we have a picture of the 4 of us.

Here is a picture of the visitor center.


A picture of Mt McKinley (Denali).  It is hiding in white behind the hills. .DSC03495-1

At Savage River, the seagulls were taking up residence on top of cars.DSC03506

And our final view of Mt McKinley for the day, hidden mostly in the clouds..DSC03511

Then it was time to head back to the house for social hour and dinner.

Type at you later.

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