Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today started with our going to the Denali Visitor Center to attend one of the Ranger discussions about Golden Eagles.  We met Dennis and Carol there, and they asked if we wanted to go with them to see the “Bus” that was used to make the movie “Into the Wild”.  We said of course, and on the way, we spotted this moose with her calves.DSC01330-1DSC01332-1DSC01333-1

We took a picture of the bus, but could not have lunch at the 49th State Brewing Co., because it was not open until 3pm.


So, we headed back toward Denali from Healy, and had lunch at the Prospectors Pizzeria and Alehouse.  We bought two 17” pizzas, and have a couple of slices for lunch tomorrow.


After lunch we went shopping for a couple of t-shirts, etc.  Then it was time for social hour, and we all went back to Prospectors for dinner.  I have a little ziti left for tomorrow also.

That’s it for today.  Type at you later.

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