Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

We left Fairbanks in the rain, in hopes of getting a new refrigerator when we reach Anchorage again.  I called Karen’s RV Service, and it had not arrived as yet, but it is supposed to be there this week.  After a few miles, the rain let up, but a few miles later, it started again, and did not stop until we got off the road.  We are stopped at the Denali Viewpoint South at mile post 134.8 on I-AK3.  That means we are 134.8 miles from Denali (we drove a little over 200 miles today).  Cell service, and therefore internet service is not great.

In Fairbanks, we talked to people who said they got depressed during the winter, when it is dark 24/7.  In fact, that was discussed in one of the movies we saw at the Museum of the North on the U  of A Fairbanks.  Quite the opposite, we go to bed around 10 and it is light out, and we get up around 7 and it is light out.  That is because sunrise is around 4 and sunset is around 3.  We have been commenting that it may be an adjustment in the “outside” (lower 48) getting used to dark before we go to bed.  Our days will be shorter.

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  1. We are back in Anchorage at Ft. Richardson (space #26) until at least Thursday. Frank/Gloria broke a spring bolt on their 5th wheel yesterday and the guys are working on a repair. If you get back this way, give us a shout. CoolJudy - 530-823-5398 or email: coolrvers [@] (remove space and brackets).