Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, July 22, 23, 24, 2011

This morning, Friday, one of the techs came in and checked the temperature in the fridge and in the freezer.  Both were doing well.  The ice maker had not filled, so the tech checked the fill valve outside, and it needed turning on.  Then they asked that we wait around until it made ice,  So, we went to Fred Meyer’s to shop for those things that we needed to eat, and to fill the fridge and freezer.  When we returned, the ice maker had made ice, so we paid up, and, after getting fuel, started down the highway about 11:30am.  We did see a moose shortly after we started south on the Glenn Allen Highway.  We stopped at mile post 177.5 for lunch.  This was the same pull out that we spent the night at on our way to Anchorage for the first time back in late May or early June.  The highway looked quite different from when we traveled it going north because all the trees had leaves now.  About 6:30 we pulled in to Paxson Lake BLM Campground to join our friends – Hill’s, Del Rosario’s, Olson’s, Livingston and Smith.  Jean and Claudette had departed our group from Fairbanks, while we were in Anchorage.

Our cell phone internet access is non-existent, and I am too lazy to take my computer to Dennis’ rig so I will add Saturday to this blog which probably won’t be published until tomorrow.  So I will probably add Sunday to it also,  On Saturday, Don and Sharon, and Pat and Jim left us worrying about bad weather.  Before they left, I talked to Don about salmon fishing in Haines.  He said he would check it out on the internet before we arrived there.  We had no significant rain, but it is clouding up tonight.  Marilyn & I, Carol, Mary and Gary went for a walk around the campground, and down to the lake after lunch.  We were able to have our normal 4pm social hour, and I grilled some halibut for supper to go along with Marilyn’s salad.  Since we have a refrigerator again, we were able to get our three remaining pieces of halibut from Dennis’ freezer.

Sunday.  We left Paxson Lake BLM Campground this morning.  We drove to Delta Junction, and then on to Tok, AK (we were here in Tok on May 30th) where we are staying at the Sourdough Campground for 2 night.  On the drive, we saw a rabbit and moose in the morning, and a moose and calf in the afternoon.  At the visitor center in Delta Junction, we picked up a certificate for completing the Alaskan Highway – all 1,422 miles from Dawson Creek to Delta Junction.  After setting up, 10 of us went back to Fast Eddy’s for another good dinner.

Typing more tomorrow.

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