Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday & Wednesday, June 21 & 22, 2011

Tuesday, the refrigerator does not seem to be much better.  Dan’s RV Repair is going to stop by again this morning.  It was afternoon before he stopped, checked the codes and decided that we would run it on AC power all night.  We had another good social hour, followed by chicken on the grill.  About 12:30am, Marilyn woke me up saying the refrigerator alarm was going off, and she could not sleep.  I had her write down the code, shut it off, and we went back to sleep.

Wednesday, I woke up about 6:30 and restarted the refrigerator.  A little while later, people were running through the rv park, saying that there was a moose.  By the time we got outside, the moose had left.  During lunch the refrigerator alarm went off again with the same code.  Dan’s RV was supposed to stop sometime today, but I called and advised his wife about the status.  Dan came by about 4:30 and pronounced the cooling unit DOA.  He said he would have one ordered from Elkhart and shipped to Anchorage where he would have another shop put it in for us.  After social, Marilyn & I, Dennis & Carol, and Don & Sharon went out for Chinese.

For about the next 3 weeks, we will buy ice for our ice box that used to be a refrigerator.

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