Friday, June 10, 2011

Monday, May 6 through Friday, May 10, 2011

Tonight I was severely chastised for being derelict in my duties as a blogger.  I had not published a blog since Sunday.  So I guess I must get one out this evening.  It is not yet eight o’clock, so I do not think I will have an excuse tonight.

First, I will add two additional pictures for Sunday, the 5th.  They are a moose and her calf (I had published Sunday’s blog before I took the pictures).DSC02909-1DSC02911

On Monday, the 6th, we moved to a nice Passport America rv park in Palmer, AK.  After our 4 o’clock social hour, we all went to the Noisy Goose restaurant for dinner.  It is not always easy to go to dinner with 10 people, but they put up with us, and even found a table for all of us.

Tuesday, Marilyn and I went to the Palmer visitor center/museum, where we looked at artifacts of life in the area plus a film about the 1935 settlement.  Palmer was named after the only white person living in the area in the early 1900s.  In 1934 President Roosevelt and Congress, etc. decided that Alaska needed some farmers, so they sent 201 farm families from Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio to start farming the area around Palmer.  The Federal Government not only sent the families, but they sent contractors to build houses, they provided farming equipment, and a monthly stipend to get the families started.  Below is a picture of one of the houses that were built in 1935 (no running water, but nice).


We also took a ride to Eagle River, AK, and on the way back drove by a Reindeer Farm.  Of course we had to take a picture of this moose also.DSC01108DSC01110

Wednesday, the 8th, laundry, a stop at the credit union to get some cash, then a trip to the Musk Ox Farm.  The Musk Ox is a wild animal, that some folks are trying to domesticate.  So far, the only use has been for combing out the winter coat that they shed, but which can be spun into yarn for knitting.  The local Alaskan’s knit scarves, etc. which they can sell.


Thursday, the 9th,  Marilyn and I moved the motorhome to Fort Richardson.  Don was allowed to sponsor a guest into the military family campground.  After lunch, we went to the Alaska Native Heritage Museum in Anchorage.  It is a wonderful museum.  They have six native village replicas outside with interpreters of life in the village inside each type of housing.


Inside the main museum building, they had exhibits of native life in Alaska, plus they had a stage called the gathering place where they had native dancing, and storytelling.DSC02922DSC02925

Dennis grilled delicious burgers, and we brought sides for dinner.  Afterwards, sitting around, some looked like they were very interested in what someone was saying.IMAG0282

Today, the 10th, Marilyn and I went to downtown Anchorage to do some shopping and sightseeing.  First stop was the Ulu Factory where they make an Alaskan knife in a unique design.  The blade is an arc with a handle so that it can be rocked for cutting, or can be used in an up and down motion for cutting.  Then it was off to some gift shops followed by trolley tour of the city of Anchorage.  During the tour we saw the little engine that could, that was used on the Alaskan railroad.


Marilyn and I picked up Sam’s Club chickens and Marilyn made cole slaw for dinner, Sharon and Don brought string beans, Carol and Dennis brought a pasta salad.  Dennis and Carol got close after dinner.


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