Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

We had a busy day today with lots of activity and pictures.  We all walked to the tour boat a few minutes before nine, so Dennis, Gary and I could make our fishing arrangements for Sunday.  We will be taking a full day charter for halibut, rock fish, etc.  The tour boat left the dock at 10:00am.  A few minutes after we started, Dan’s Mobile RV called to tell us he had finally talked to Norcold about our refrigerator.  He said that they might not warranty another one since the one we had put in last year was 13 months ago.  He suggested we call Karin’s RV Service in Anchorage when we got off the tour to set up a service appointment.  We made that call about 6pm, and set an appointment for Tuesday morning.  After setting that appointment, Marilyn got a message on her phone from Dan’s RV Service saying that they would like to set an appointment for Monday morning for 4 hours.  I called and left a message that we were confused, and hoped they would call us back.  If they can put a cooling unit on our refrigerator on Monday or Tuesday, it would be great.  Keeping our fingers crossed.

Now for our Kenai Fjords National Park tour on one of Major’s tour boats, the Kenai Star.  Note that a fjord is a valley carved by glaciers, and filled in with sea water.  Resurrection Bay on which sits Seward is also fjord.  They had a buy one get one coupon in the Tour Saver Book.  The tour was $149, and lunch of salmon and prime rib was an additional $20 per person.  The lunch was a wonderful buffet.  On the tour, we saw 7 glaciers, 6 humpbacked whales, a sea otter, many Stellar sea lions, puffins, murrres, of course there were sea gulls, and a few eagles.  Now for the pictures.

Yesterday, on the way from Soldatna to Seward, AK, we stopped to see some chain saw carvings.  There are some wonderful carvings, so you get to see several pictures.DSC03040DSC03041DSC03042DSC03043DSC03044DSC03045

Marilyn even put me in jail.


First, there was a cruise ship in town when  we got up this morning, and this evening, we watched it leave.  It backed quite a ways out into Resurrection Bay,  Then it did a 180 degree pivot before starting forward.  It was quite a sight.DSC03059

Here is a picture of the tour boat, Kenai Star, and our entrance pictures.DSC03062DSC03063DSC03067

The first mammal we saw was a sea otter.


Next, we got to watch a glacier calving.


We have Carol Hill driving the tour boat, and Don Del Rosario sleeping because she was at the helm.


Next we have a humpbacked whale tail, some Stellar sea lions, murres, and puffins.DSC03095DSC03151DSC03157DSC03162

And here we are coming back into Seward.


Type at you later.

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