Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Marilyn and I drove downtown for the Anchorage Flea Market on a parking lot.  It was too early for much in the way of fresh vegetables.  The crowd was good, and there were plenty of vendors of normal junk, and all things Alaska.  DSC01134

We met Don and Sharon while we were walking around.

Anchorage has a monument to President Eisenhower, because he signed the legislation admitting Alaska to Statehood.


Anchorage got its start in 1915 as a tent city of people looking for employment building the Alaska Railroad.


After leaving the flea market, we went out to the airport to see the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum.  A significant portion of travel in Alaska is by air because so many villages are are very remote.  One comment I think I heard was that about 40% of Alaskan population own airplanes.


We went back to the house for Marilyn to do laundry, and for me to take a nap.  Dinner was at the Country Kitchen where some diners were happy with their meals, and some not so pleased.


Carol did make a new friend?


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