Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yesterday, I said we drove from Tok to Valdez, but we didn’t.  We spent an overnight on the way.

Today, we moved to a different campground where we have electricity, instead of just boon-docking.  After setting up the motorhome, Marilyn and I drove to the end of the road to see the Valdez Glacier.  It is up high, and around a corner, so we were only able to see a piece of it.


We also took pictures of an eagle and a magpie.DSC01082DSC02810

We had reservations for a 12 o’clock wildlife and glacier boat ride,  We were at Sam Stephens dock at 11 to get our tickets (we used a coupon from our Safeway Saver Book to get 2 for one tickets for $125), boarding was at 11:30 on the Glacier Spirit.DSC01089

We took fun pictures of our friends horsing around (Dennis Hill’s wife Carol with Gary Olson, Jim Smith just sitting there, and Don Del Rosario sleeping.DSC02813DSC02815DSC02838

We saw the terminal where the tankers receive crude oil form the Trans Alaska Pipeline.DSC02817

We saw wildlife in abundance from sea otters, hump backed whales, eagles, and Stella sea lions, the Columbia Glacier, and ice floating away from the glacier.


The crew picked up some pieces of floating glacial ice, so I need a picture of Marilyn holding one of the pieces.


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