Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today was a nice day.  We took the ferry to Seldotna, AK.  It is an interesting little Alaskan fishing village.  The people live a primarily subsistence living, fishing and the tourist trade.  The village name comes from the Russian word for herring.  There were some gift shops, a church, and a couple of restaurants.  We ate lunch at Tide Pool Café.  We would not go back.  My fried halibut was good, but a little under done.  Originally, the villages’ buildings were built on pilings, with a boardwalk facing the bay as a street.  The 1964 earthquake caused the town to be rebuilt, and only a portion of the original boardwalk remains today.  After the ferry ride back to Homer, we all decided that we were too tired to do anything, so we all went back to our houses.  We had chicken salad and soup (mine was onion, Marilyn’s was clam) for dinner.  Dennis deep fat fried some halibut and gave us a taste – delicious.  Don and Sharon came over to give us a couple of pieces of halibut fillet for tomorrow night’s dinner.  We look forward to that.  So now I am working on the blog.  I have pictures from the past few days on Marilyn’s camera, so get ready for several.

The first is the guy water skiing using a para-sail on Tuesday, the 14th.DSC01158

Yesterday was our fishing day, so I had to take a picture of the sun at 9:07am.DSC01159

Then there are those fishing with us, along with the mate filleting the halibut that was lying on the deck.


Then we come to pictures from today.  The first is a picture of our ferry boat, Katchemak Voyager, to Seldovia, AK., the crown waiting for the ferry, and a picture of Gull Island which was a stop on the way to Gull Island (as can be observed the sea gulls leave it covered with ****.


Here is a picture of the Seldovia sign framing our ferry.DSC01177

The village of Seldovia has a chain saw carving festival and competition, so there are many carvings about town.  The sign on the saddle says “do not sit here”.


Some climbed up on top of this hill.  You could not see much of the town, but there was a nice looking church up on top.


There were more carvings in a little park.  Dennis even found Carol at the Gathering Place.DSC01195DSC01199DSC01200

We found large dandelions, strange rocks, and flowers we did not recognize.DSC01201DSC01203DSC01205DSC01207DSC01213

Before we quit with the carvings, here is one that won the competition last year.  She is kind of strange.


As we returned to Homer Spit, I had to take a picture of the Salty Dog.  It looks a little like a lighthouse, but is a saloon, and the only surviving building on the spit after the 1964 earthquake and tsunami.


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